WHAT'S IN A NAME? · /staɪl/

Stial =
Swedish Twang in Aussie Land

Staffed entirely by a motley band of ex-freelancers, we are a Melbourne based creative digital agency providing the full spectrum of services that digital has to offer.


Deli Dreams

pre 2013

Long before her move Down Under, Christina dreamed of opening a deli in Australia that served traditional fare from her native Sweden. It was to be named Stial which stands for Swedish Twang in Aussie Land.

When that didn't pan out, the groundwork was slowly laid down for the creation of a digital agency.

What does a digital agency have to do with opening a deli? Keep reading!


Freelance Fantasies

2013 - 2016

In the following years, Christina honed her craft at several top tier outfits across the UK and Australia. This slowly transitioned from full-time to part-time to freelancing.

Meanwhile: scattered across the globe, those who eventually would make up Team Stial were freelancing too.

Yeah, but what about the deli?


Agency Aspirations

2016 - present

Like mercenaries banding together to better weather the storms of war, Stial Digital was established in early 2016. As a united front with a combined arsenal amassed across different industries over time, the transition from struggling freelancers to a full-fledged clan was complete.

We know, that was a bit over the top.

So we're just going to forget about the deli then...?

Team Stial

Stial Digital is filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Christina Gray

Co-founder & Director

Hailing from Sweden, our director Christina is a digital search and marketing extraordinaire.

Craig Gray

Co-founder & Director

Want to find Craig? Whistle the first five notes of Shave and a Haircut and he'll finish the tune. Every. Time.

Marcus Tsui

Branding & Content Manager

Marcus is passionate about all things relating to narrative and storytelling. Lol, nerd.

Kellie Trewarn

Administration Officer

Kellie controls the flow of Stial's coffee and therefore controls the universe.

Louis Bob Gray

Stial Mascot

Voff voff!

We live and breathe digital

What we do

We create digital campaigns that strengthen your brand and generate business online.




Suite 2.04
20 Convention Centre Place
South Wharf VIC 3006

1300 572 782