Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Business?

Which Social Media Platforms Are Right For Your Business?

As a digital marketing agency, we have so many clients ask us if they should be on social media. The answer is a resounding YES! It does make a difference and it does matter.

Then comes the inevitable follow up question of “What platforms should I use?”. Well, we’ve broken it down to help you decide what to spend your time and energy on:


Perfect for: Everyone. Facebook is basically its own search engine nowadays so it’s so important to have a presence there. Facebook is essential in creating trust and social proof and can be utilised effectively for creating a loyal community and to showcase your brand personality. With a strategic presence you can get your target market to interact with, trust, and love your brand.

The best bits: Facebook has a range of advertising tools that work really well due to it’s option to highly customise and target your ad audiences. So no matter who you want to see your ads, you will be able to find them with Facebook Advertising.

The worst bits: News feed fatigue. It’s real! People are opting for other social networking sites because Facebook is congested with content and we’re seeing less and less from our friends and more from brands.

Bonus: Facebook also owns Instagram so you can create your ads and get the same one sent to both Facebook and Instagram.

Hot tip: People go on Facebook to connect with each other and interact, so don’t make it a mouthpiece for your brand. Instead, focus on providing a two-way dialogue.



Perfect for: PR announcements, updates, link sharing and customer service and engagement. Twitter is especially good for publishing and media brands, not-for-profits, large organisations and large companies. By design, Twitter is a place to have your say and join in on conversations.

The best bits: Because of its low character limit, tweeting requires little time and energy compared to other social media platforms.  You have direct access to all Twitter accounts, meaning you can send Tweets to anyone you like and join in hashtags that are relevant to your brand. A great platform to develop a fun and quirky personal brand.

The worst bits: Twitter is notorious for sass, sarcasm and bitchy comments: it’s not uncommon to see a lot of abuse or arguments spring up. So word of warning: it can be quite a negative experience.

Bonus: Twitter is awesome for content marketing – search hashtags relevant to your industry for inspiration for your own content.

Hot tip: Use images, videos, graphics or gifs to accompany your tweets as visual tweets get more engagement than plain text.



Perfect for: Products! You can really make your brand come alive with stunning visuals and artistic photography. Fashion, beauty and home-wares are the most successful brands on Instagram and if your products target the 14-25 year old’s market then you really ought to have a presence.

The best bits: With inspiring visuals and regular posting brands can experience seriously rapid growth!

The worst bits: Fake followers and the accounts that buy them. Just don’t do it! It looks terrible and you will lose credibility, not to mention these fake followers don’t engage with your posts.

Bonus: Influencer marketing works really well on Instagram. You can get really creative, personalised images sent from influencer’s accounts at a very reasonable price: the best thing is they share these word-of-mouth recommendations with their loyal followers who trust them. Your brand will get great exposure and should gain a solid boost in followers as well.

Hot tip: Create a hashtag and include it in your bio so followers can create free user-generated content for you!



Perfect for: Any brands that target the younger 13-25 market. The kids have spoken!

The best bits: There is lots of choice for advertisers so you will find something to suit your marketing objective.

The worst bits: It’s much harder to grow your SnapChat following than all the other social media platforms. You have to pay for Snap Ads if you want to reach people who don’t already follow you, whereas on other platforms they can find you easily organically.

Bonus: People are able to have a positive experience and interaction with your brand if you give them an awesome filter to play with (but word of warning: filters can be very expensive).

Hot tip: Duplicate you SnapChat and “Instagram stories” content – They are competitors and are used for the same purpose, so instead of making twice the effort simply run the same content on both!



Perfect for: It’s great for showing innovation and leadership as well as the human side of the brand – your employees. If you’re struggling to come up with content Linkedin is a place to entice other businesses to want to work with you, and get people to want to work for you, so keep that at the back of your mind.

The best bits: If you are B2B LinkedIn as a really effective lead generation tool and can drive new business opportunities.

The worst bits: It’s expensive to advertise compared to other platforms. The LinkedIn feed can be a bit sterile so seize the opportunity to stand out with some creative and authentic content.

Bonus: Sponsored InMail – Send direct paid mail to anyone you like – for business lead generation, collaboration, or head hunting.

Hot tip: If you need to hire someone new for your team, you can search for talent on LinkedIn without paying for job ads or going through the traditional recruitment process.


And there you have it.

There’s something to suit everyone so get cracking on some content and start increasing the online profile of your business! Need more help? Contact us today – we provide the full suite of digital marketing services including social media management.